Friday, September 23, 2005


Li Ao Bejing University Speech, Part II

How come they did not roll out the red carpet?

I need to tell everyone, before starting this lecture Mr. Liu Zhang Le told me, finally I asked him, and he was shocked. I asked are they rolling out the red carpet when I enter? He said no. Clinton got it, Lein Chan got it, you don’t get it. I asked why? He said, Beijing University is treating you as an Academic Lecturer, so there is no red carpet. Principal, is this your intention? I said okay. I will be an Academic Lecturer. If it is a good speech it will be an Academic Lecture. If it is a bad speech, I'll stop in the middle, there will still be time to roll out the red carpet.


Why did I have to said like that? Or else people will say Beijing University is snobbish. Why not give Li Ao the red carpet treatment? How is it official, or how to you determine it’s a political lecture and roll out the red carpet? As I am here many people’s eyes are on me, thinking Li Ao criticized the KMT, criticized the DPP, criticized the Americans, criticized the Japanese. Today he came to Beijing University, will he dare criticize the CCP? Many people have doubts, taking pleasure at my possible misfortunes while looking at me. I tell you, I will not criticize the CPP first. I will first praise the joint effort of the CCP and KMT to overthrowing Northern Warlords. Does everyone know why the Northern Warlords? How did Beijing University come about? The Northern Warlords. How did a person called Cai Yuan Pei become Beijing University's Principal? At the time he was of the KMT party. It was the Northern Warlords. The Northern Warlords had the tolerance to put the Nation's best University under the control of the enemy, a member of their number one political enemy at the time. Now we criticize the Northern Warlords. What qualifications do we have to criticize the Northern Warlords? We must not criticize them, but we must evaluate them from a historical perspective.

(More tomorrow, maybe)

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I had copies of Li Ao's speech transcript translated by EastSouthWestNorth.

I think he made some good speeches.
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