Friday, June 05, 2009


CSB daughter named as defendent

TAIPEI (AFP) — The daughter of former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian has been named a defendant in a corruption case that has embroiled the ex-leader and his closest kin, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Chen Hsing-yu was suspected of perjury for giving conflicting testimony during a probe into alleged embezzlement by former president Chen, said a spokesman for the prosecution.

That's great to see some progess in CSB corruption case. Everyone knows the whole family is dirty. It is good to see the ROC justice system conduct a through investigation on the whole family to make sure future politicians don't feel they can just abuse their position for personal gain in such a blatant manner. a bad forum is a weird forum. They ban long time members without really telling them why. But given the fact that in the real world Taiwan Independence is a dying movement, it is understandable that their mods and admins, who lean quite dark green, are behaving in a more and more erratic fashion, like their real life counterparts.

Well thank you all for your support and remember as long as you remember TaiwanPpolitics section is suppose to be a Taiwan Independence safe haven you shouldn't run a foul with the mods there.

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