Monday, April 11, 2005


Chen Chien-ming: TSU lesson in Anger management

Chen Chien-ming attempted to defend Su's visit, saying Su paid his respects to
about 28,000 Taiwanese soldiers enshrined there ahead of Tomb Sweeping Day.
"We do not agree with the acts and invasions of the Japanese militarism
(during World War II) but we should not let hatred persist,"
But only

Chen Chien ming “asked that Kao-Chin direct her hatred
away from Taiwan or Japan and focus it on China.”

This is come from the party that are often so angered by the mythos of 228 and White Terror that they are dismissing Japanese atrocities on Taiwan.

Many people of Taiwan were so angered by this insensitive action that they threw eggs at Su when he returned from his trip at Chiang Kai Shiek International airport.

Perhaps instead of dictating what should or should not anger the people of Taiwan, the TSU and the TI sympathizers should come to understand the atrocity of Japanese actions on Taiwan which anger many people on Taiwan still to this day.


I had copies of Li Ao's speech transcript translated by EastSouthWestNorth.

I think he made some good speeches.
That was a mistaken reply.
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