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Taidu logic: brokering peace can lead to jail time.

Taidu on Taiwan is really devoid of reality sometimes. Take for instance the recent visit of the KMT 34 member delegation to the PRC, headed by Chiang Pin-kun (江丙坤), vice-chairman of the KMT.

PK Chiang is schedule to meet with Chen Yunlin (陳雲林) director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of China's State Council. This has been deemed by the PRC to be a historic “Party-to-party” meeting since 1949.

To make a long story short, in the mid 1920’s the KMT party expelled the Communist party from ROC political system. This started what is known as the Chinese Civil War. By 1949 the KMT retreated to Taiwan and the Communist established the PRC on the mainland. There has never been any resolution to this Civil War.

Sounds great. No? CCP recognizes the KMT, KMT recognizes the CCP, Strait Issue stabilizes and peace ensues.

This is too easy for the Strait Issue.

Now comes the Taidu fanatic from the Mainland Affairs Council Vice Chairman, Chiu Tai-san (邱太三) , following accusations the KMT had secret meeting in Thailand that help broker this historic event, claims any agreement between the KMT and CCP is punishable with a minimum sentence of 7 years in prison up to a maxium sentence of life in prison. In addition, according to the statute , violators can be fined up to NT$2 million (US$63,492).

The particular law in question is Article 5-1 of the Act Governing Relations Between Peoples of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area.

This is bad on so many levels.

What Chiu Tai-san finds offensive is the 10 point consensus between the CCP and the KMT. The consesus covers a number of issues and outlines areas of interest were the KMT and CCP could agree on. These include subjects like cross-strait charter flights, agricultural cooperation, protection for China-based Taiwanese business people, tourism, journalistic exchanges and the opening of the Chinese financial market.

The consensus points did not become laws in either PRC or ROC, these points are not even a treaty. It is just a symbolic gesture that the KMT and CCP now have common interest. The ground work for possible peace.

It is interesting to note that no one advocated jail time or a 2 million dollar fine when the President CSB (DPP) and James Soong (TSU), individuals from idealogical opposite parties, agreed to a 10 point consensus a few weeks ago.

Let us just forget the fact that the Taidu advocates within the DPP usually don’t even recognize ROC constitution, name, and anthem. Let alone recognize ROC civil laws.

Taidu leadership really are just paying the “peaceful resolution” of Strait Issue lip service, if all they can do is condemn KMT actions of this nature.

Taidu leadership really must be delusional if they feel provoking the PRC at every opportunity is the “dignified” solution to Strait Issue.

The 10 point consensus the KMT and CCP came to will not cause Taiwan lose any dignity. It is for the most part a potpourri of issues that have nothing to do with the sovereignty issue of ROC.

Face to face interaction like this one, is exactly what the PRC and ROC need to do to avoid war.

The government should be encouraging more interaction like this one, especially from the Taidu ridden political parties on Taiwan, instead of using scare tactic to keep ROC and PRC apart and away from the negotiating table.


Support Hong Kong Independence!
By Chapmun Chan

I am a Hong Kongese citizen and I support the independence of Hong Kong from China. As you know, Hong Kong has suffered greatly as a Chinese colony known as the “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” or HKSAR for short. Our great city, which was once an Asian metropolis, has been stripped of all its assets and reduced to a cash cow for the communists. After much careful research and following the arguments set forth by Taiwanese independence groups, I have made the following arguments for independence.


China has never cared about Hong Kong. In fact, it has hurt Hong Kong on numerous occasions. Before the Opium Wars, China just thought Hong Kong was a piece of barren rock left to a few fishermen. During the Opium Wars, China was only too ready to give away Hong Kong to appease Great Britain. China got itself into trouble when it incinerated the opium shipped by English merchants for Chinese consumers without first asking for permission. China made up for this breach in etiquette by throwing Hong Kong away.

During the Second World War, Japan stepped in to bring Hong Kong into its Greater Asian Economic Co-Prosperity Sphere. China did everything it could to sabotage prosperity during that period to make life miserable in Hong Kong. Under British rule, there was a two-tiered racial system: white people on top and “yellow people” at the bottom. The discrimination extended to all walks of life, and China did nothing to protect the rights of people of Chinese descent.

In the 1980's and 1990's, China negotiated for the United Kingdom to return Hong Kong. This caused the calamity known as the Great Real Estate Crash of 1997, in which many Hong Kong citizens became negative equity owners. Since 1997, China has done absolutely nothing for the people of Hong Kong. The major accomplishments noted by the international media are the frequent presence of Chinese navy flotilla in Hong Kong harbor to intimidate the citizens; military parades held in Hong Kong by the People's Liberation Army to intimidate the citizens; forcing the citizens to go out and march in the streets in the July heat.


As an independent nation, Hong Kong will no longer have links with the feudal Chinese culture. Over time, Hong Kong already has it own hybrid language in place: the people of Hong Kong speak an English that no one else in the world understands; they speak Chinese that no other Chinese speaker can understand; most importantly, they speak a form of the Cantonese dialect that people in would kill for to speak like that. This new language is called Hong Kongese: a mix of Cantonese, Chinese and English.

The Hong Kongese language is used in formal forms of writing. Our language is used in tabloids, in movie subtitles, and in other forms of communication. Our writing system has evolved over time from a process of modifying Chinese characters to the Hong Kongese language just like how Japan modified Chinese characters for Japanese. These characters have become so important that the Hong Kong government has incorporated them into a special Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) for computer input. For more information, go to; which incorrectly refers to Hong Kongese as Cantonese.


When the Commonwealth of Hong Kong is established, there will be new changes in our society. Many of these changes will help us better separate ourselves with communist China. All ethnic Hong Kongese have to take an oath that they will commit themselves to the Commonwealth of Hong Kong, and will never say they are Chinese. All of them should be referred as Hong Kongese and Hong Kongese will be made the only official language. Chinese and English language will be only taught as a foreign language in schools while the medium of instruction of all schools must be Hong Kongese.

We will encourage all Hong Kongese to marry with Hong Kongese of other ethnic backgrounds. This is to make Hong Kongese a true race, with an aim of purging Hong Kong of Chinese blood. However, we will deport those Hong Kongese who were born in the People's Republic of China, unless they deny being Chinese or can prove that they would never betray the Commonwealth of Hong Kong. At least ten years should be allowed to check if those people concerned satisfy the requirement before they can be given the status of a Hong Kong citizen.

The Commonwealth of Hong Kong will not recognize the People's Republic of China until the they grant Tibet independence, give up the right to "liberate" Taiwan and give Inner Mongolia back to the Republic of Mongolia. Also, the Commonwealth of Hong Kong will be an independent nation within the British Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State. The Queen shall be referred to as “The Queen of Hong Kong” in all official documents.


China has never done anything right for Hong Kong, and therefore we must become an independent nation. Hong Kong must be independent because it has suffered from countless historical abuses from the communists, we have our own culture, and we have a plan for nationhood. So this is the time for the people of Hong Kong to take their fates into their own hands and become their own masters.
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