Thursday, March 31, 2005


Chi Mei Group founder Hsu Wen-lung (許文龍) Acknowledges "One China"

Those of us familiar with the Taishang community in PRC probably know about this story. To summarize Hsu Wen Lung was identified as an "unwelcome" Taidu advocate after CSB re-election in 2004. The connection was that the hospital used to treat CSB gunshot wound, caused by the alleged assassination, was owned by Hsu Wen Lung, who is also a long time friend of CSB.

Shortly after the PRC issued a statement to the effect that Taidu supporters like Hsu Wen Lung were no longer welcomed to invest in the Mainland. Many of Chi Mei bank loan applications were then denied or held in indefinite status of review on the mainland. Hsu Wen Lung even stepped down as head of the Chi Mei group in order to distance himself from the company, in order to preserve the business.

As this article illustrates, Hsu Wen Lung has powerful friends and is politically active on Taiwan.
Hsu is an entrepreneur with a strong sense of Taiwanese identity. During former president Lee Teng-hui's (李登輝) administration, Hsu wrote to Lee asking when he would fulfill his promise to change the country's official name. Lee wrote back, telling him to learn from the Japanese shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, and wait patiently for the right moment to act.

Later, in the run-up to the 2000 presidential election, Hsu was a key member of then-presidential candidate Chen's National Policy Advisory Committee, and was made a senior policy adviser to the president after Chen was elected.
However, Mr. Hsu seems to be doing a 180 on his political position on Taiwan with the following statements,
It is because people who dare to invest in the mainland are people who will not engage in Taiwan independence. Since we don't engage in Taiwan independence, the development of Chi Mei in the mainland will definitely become more prosperous.

I think both Taiwan and the mainland belong to one China, and the people on both sides of the strait are fellow countrymen.

I think Taiwan's economic development cannot separate from the mainland. Taiwan independence will only push Taiwan toward war and bring disaster to the people.
Even the DPP, a pan-Green party that Mr. Hsu supported are turning against him in his time of need.
What Hsu said was none-sense. What was he talking about? He’s such businessman-like. I really look down on him,” said DPP Lawmaker Chen Ching-jun.
Once agian this just illustrates even Taidu leadership will turn on Taidu supporters, instead of working on a viable solution to the Strait Issue.

It would seem only the PFP, a party with an antithesis ideology to Mr. Hsu, sympathizes with his plight.
PFP Lawmaker Chou Hsi-wei said, “It’s the government’s fault. The government failed to take care of the businessmen in China. They have to fully rely on their own.
Chou Hsi-wei quote echos in the Taishang community. Under the DPP stewardship, ROC doesn't seem to be concerned with all the needs of Taiwan's citizens. With billions of dollars at stake and millions of jobs at risk, Taidu leadership just ignores the fundimental issues and dismisses citizens when they step out of line.

It is time for Taiwan, especially the DPP administration, to wake up like Hsu Wen Lung.


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